Our Staff

Calvary's staff leads the ministries that help us accomplish our church's mission. That's why we like to call ourselves the Ministry Team. Our hope is to be servant-leaders who are equipping the Calvary community to love God, care for one another and serve the world.

If you need to contact us as a whole team or just aren't sure which one of us you should talk to, feel free to get in touch at ministryteam@calvarymuskegon.com.

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Our Elders

In 2013 Calvary made the transition to elder leadership. The elders are a group of men, selected by the congregation, who love Calvary and who are responsible for the leadership and oversight of this local body.

Our elders meet twice a month to study, pray and cast vision for the church. On top of leading a number of the important teams and meeting with and praying for our people, they also partner with the staff, deacons and our amazing volunteers to make ministry happen at Calvary.

You can always reach the elders by email or by connecting with them in person.

                          James Bean                     Kirk Powell

                          Bob Davies                     Aaron Rosema

                          John Grasley                  Jeremy Sandison

                          Greg Munson                 Keith Sandison


As of his retirement on September 11, 2016, Pastor Bill Rudd has been given the title Pastor Emeritus. What is a Pastor Emeritus?

Constitution & Statement of Faith

2014-2015 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Report