A Church for the City

Ask anyone in Muskegon what our city needs and you might hear answers like, “better jobs,” “quality schools,” or “peace in the streets.” These are all, of course, important (and it’s our intent to address them), but we believe that what Muskegon needs, above all else, is Jesus. Not a bunch of people preaching about Jesus. Muskegon needs a bunch of people acting like Jesus.

Jesus lived what we call the cross-shaped life. Even though He was God, He humbled himself to become a human being, a servant, and even went so low as to die on a cross to forgive sinners. And as a result, God brought him back to life and made Him the King of kings. That’s the cross-shaped life. Emptying yourself of privilege and resources to help someone else. When we follow in Jesus' footsteps, leveraging all of our privileges and resources for others, we live the cross-shaped life. This is the kind of life that God loves and uses to bring resurrection to His world. And this is what Muskegon needs. Muskegon needs a community of cross-shaped servants. Muskegon needs cross-shaped neighbors and coworkers, cross-shaped husbands and wives, cross-shaped moms and dads, cross-shaped children and teens.

At Calvary, we invite you to live the cross-shaped life in a cross-shaped church. We are praying that, over the next 5-10 years, the Calvary Church family becomes an indispensable asset in the spiritual and cultural renewal of the Muskegon area by learning from Jesus, acting like family, and serving our city. We want to be a cross-shaped community full of cross-shaped servants to the people of Muskegon. Simply put, we want to be a church for the city.

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You have questions. We have answers.

Will I be welcome at Calvary? 

We work hard to be a welcoming community where people can come as they are and experience the life-changing truth and love we find in Jesus. So we welcome people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, faith, life-style, and sexual orientation. 

Where do I park?

We like to reserve the parking area right in front of the building for our friends at First Baptist who gather at the same time as us. But if this is your first time, feel free to park wherever is convenient. Our people try to park in the side parking lot on the south side of the building. There is also overflow parking in the back of Pita Place's parking lot - which is right on Apple on the north-east side of our building. Look for the overflow parking signs. Check out this map to give you an idea.

Where should I go when I arrive?

Our Guest Services team will be available to welcome you at the door and point you in the right direction. We meet in the Family Center. Many like to arrive a little early so they can grab a coffee, a snack and a seat. We also love taking that time to catch up with friends and meet some new ones.

What will my children do? 

We loves kids and students and we have lots of them. Children are always welcome to worship alongside their parents but most parents choose to drop their children off in the Children's Ministry where our staff and volunteers provide a safe and loving environment full of learning and fun activities. We maintain a secure and safe environment for children and all our workers are screened to be sure they are safe and qualified to take care of your kids. Teenage students attend the worship gathering and many other student activities at various times and locations.

What should I wear?

Clothes. That's all we ask. Some of us like the tradition of “dressing up" for Sunday, but most of us, including the staff, will be dressed casually.

What is the service like?

We like to keep things pretty casual. The mainstays of our gathering are always music and a message. When it comes to music, we  love having a variety, mixing the old with the new - all led by our worship team. Our preachers work hard to bring relevant and practical messages from the Bible. Video, prayer, communion, baptisms and a voluntary offering also help us see and respond to what God has done and is doing around us.

Will I be expected to do anything?

Not unless you want to. You will be comfortable as an observer or a participant. But our hope is that you feel right at home and want to join right in with us.

What else is available?

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with others through LIFEGroups, service opportunities, events, and ministries. Calvary’s well-stocked food pantry is available to anyone and financial help through our benevolence ministry is available for the church family for emergency needs. Calvary’s staff is available to provide counseling and to make referrals to competent area professionals.

How can I learn more?

Filling out this Connect Card will help us make sure you get all the information you want. Browse this website and LIKE us on Facebook. Pick up a Connect Guide as you visit a gathering for current information and opportunities. Lastly, always feel free to contact the staff by email or phone(888-822-4632). We'd love to help you in any way we can.