You were called to be more than a passenger.

At Calvary, we believe that God has called us to be more than passengers in His Church. We don't do the whole membership thing for membership's sake. While contributing to votes every now and then is important, our real hope for our members is that they engage in Calvary's ministry as our partners. We love the partnership of membership for three main reasons:

1) Jesus

Jesus loved His Church so much that He died for her. Do you love the Church that much? We believe loving and caring for the Church is an essential part of following Jesus. We love the Church because Jesus does.

2) Unity

Membership gives our community an opportunity to make sure we are united around the same mission and covenant. Even though each member brings their own unique God-given passions and gifts, we are ultimately united around what Jesus is doing through us in the world and around a common understanding of what it means to relate to Jesus, one another, and the world.

3) Accountability

Accountability between Christians was the norm in the early church. Hebrews 10:24-25 calls Christians to commit to meeting together to hold each other accountable in love. We believe that sort of accountability best happens in the context of relational community - which is really all about committing to one another.

LAUNCH | Membership Class

If you want to partner with us as a member, join us for a LAUNCH lunch. We hold a couple sessions every few months to introduce Calvary to you and allow you to introduce yourself to some of us. At the lunch, we provide childcare and food, so you can...

  1. Learn what it means be a member.
  2. Meet some of elders, staff, deacons, and other leaders.
  3. Fill out a Membership Application.

Once a year, all Calvary members renew their membership. The elders contact members who do not renew before they are removed from the membership list. We take this approach to provide an extra layer of accountability to ensure that our members are active. If you want to renew your membership, do so by filling out this Membership Renewal.